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Divider Curtains

Gym divider curtains create a safer, more efficient facility by allowing for more simultaneous activities and increasing player and spectator safety. Our walk-draw, fold-up, ridge-fold and roll-up style curtains are expertly fabricated from top-quality components and fabrics that meet stringent California Fire Code.

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  1. Fold-Up Curtain

    Fold-Up Curtain

    Traditional motorized fold-up gym curtains stack neatly at ceiling level.
  2. Roll-Up Curtain

    Roll-Up Curtain

    A time-tested, reliable design preferred by many facilities
  3. Top-Roll Divider Curtain

    Top-Roll Curtain

    Extremely compact storage, ideal for facilities with low ceiling height.
  4. Ridge-Fold Curtain

    Ridge-Fold Curtain

    Motorized ridge-fold curtains store compactly along the slope of your pitched ceiling.
  5. Walk-Draw Curtain

    Walk-Draw Curtain

    Manually-operated walk-draw curtains are a relatively inexpensive way to divide your gym.

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5 Item(s)