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Weight Room/Fitness Center

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  1. Stride Fitness Tiles

    Stride Fitness Tiles

    Dinoflex Stride Fitness Tiles feature maximum durability, sound absorption, impact resistance and resilience. They’re perfect for weight rooms, fitness centers and spinning studios as well as a host of non-athletic applications.
  2. X-Duty Roll Flooring

    X-Duty Roll Flooring

    Our X-Duty rubber flooring rolls are designed for near-seamless appearance and maximum durability.
  3. Dinoflex SportMats - Standard Colors

    Dinoflex SportMats - Standard Colors

    Dinoflex Sportmats: the best resilient rubber flooring made for weight rooms, fitness centers, ice arenas, multi-purpose rooms and a host of commercial and industrial applications.
  4. Thud Rugs

    Thud Rugs

    Affordable - Thud rugs offer tremendous value and protection, and are a snap to install and maintain.
  5. Dinoflex SportMats - Two-Color Combos

    Dinoflex SportMats - Two-Color Combos

    SportMats are offered in four standard two-color combinations at no extra charge!
  6. Dinoflex SportMats - GraniteFlex Series

    Dinoflex SportMats - GraniteFlex Series

    The "GraniteFlex" series offers cost-effectiveness and proven SportMat durability.
  7. Dinoflex SportMats - Decor Series

    Dinoflex SportMats - Decor Series

    The "Decor" Sportmat collection features distinctive designer patterns.
  8. Dinoflex SportMats - Stone Series

    Dinoflex SportMats - Stone Series

    The "Stone" Series features stunning, upscale appearance plus all the exceptional SportMat features.
  9. Dinoflex SportMats - Elite Series

    Dinoflex SportMats - Elite Series

    Six vibrant color patterns, featuring standout appearance and proven SportMat durability
  10. SportMat Custom Logos

    SportMat Custom Logos

    Our custom inset logos are cut with unsurpassed precision, and make a dramatic statement!

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